S4 Backoffice



s4 retailS4 solutions are designed with integration in mind. We supply best of breed applications that interact with each other to provide a seamless flow of information across our customers’ supermarket operations.

S4 is the software development division of Data Systems, Inc. (DSI), the nation’s largest independent provider of electronic retail systems. For over 20 years, S4 has been developing software for the food and drug industry, retail and wholesale markets. Today we are highly recognized for our reliable, comprehensive backoffice software and professional support service. For over 40 years, our parent company, DSI, has been providing supermarket, convenience store, restaurant/fast food, and general retail and wholesale markets with state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions tailored to their needs. DSI serves thousands of customers across the United States through 23 regional Retail Data Systems and Point of Sale offices. Represented by over 300 highly trained professional staff, DSI is committed to customer satisfaction and is uniquely positioned to serve retailers into the future.

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