ISS45 Solidcore

ISS45 Solidcore


Card data breaches are now headline news.
The follow-up stories go on and on, and the damaging publicity and loss of trust can destroy a fine decades-old reputation. With thousands of shoppers affected, these stories provide an ideal mix of crime, consumerism and fear: local TV, talk shows and newspapers jump on fast and ride hard.

How can you avoid this kind of nightmare when even the best payments applications have no way of controlling external hardware access, or keeping skimmers, sniffers and other malware off your boxes?

Solidcore is an extraordinary product that enables you to control exactly what software may run on your POS terminals, workstations and servers.

S3 protects your customers’ card data while cutting PCI Compliance costs.
Simply put:

  • All authorized software runs perfectly
  • No unauthorized code can load or run


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