Connected Payments

Connected Payments


connected paymentsFor years electronic payment costs and compliance have been a big worry for retailers. And for good reason. Industry mandates, emerging technologies, changes  from the card associations and other concerns force a continuous stream of new rules and rollouts. The costs to keep up with these changes can be enormous.

But with Connected Payments, your worries are over—from a cost and a compliance perspective alike. Connected Payments is a software-as-a-service solution that centralizes your electronic payments’ management and reporting across the enterprise, while minimizing transaction expenses and automating payments software and compliance updates.

Connected Payments is your most practical solution to a never-ending series of costly changes and worrisome compliance issues.

  • Centralized management of electronic payments
  • Isolation of cardholder data from POS system
  • Data and transmissions encrypted from PIN pad to processor
  • Automated implementation of new software PCI mandates
  • Centrally updated configurations, flows, prompts and limits to lanes, stores or chain level
  • Receipt retention and signature capture for all electronic payment types
  • Tracks all changes or swaps to installed PIN pads
  • Auto Tender Resolution determines available transaction types
  • WIC EBT (eWIC) capability with all participating online WIC states
  • Centralized, multi-tier reporting and payments analysis
  • Integration and support for multiple/simultaneous processors and inlane hardware

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