Connected Loyalty

Connected Loyalty

connected loyaltyThe industry-leading solution for customer-centric, omni-channel promotions and loyalty programs.

Social networks and smartphones have produced a new breed of shoppers instantaneously aware of the best offers and lowest prices, and insistent on receiving the most  attentive, personalized service. Successful retail marketing can now only be achieved by identifying, anticipating and satisfying these new customers’ needs and desires.

Retailers must seamlessly manage customer-centric offers and marketing initiatives across multiple channels and touch points, making the most of granular customer data to  appropriately respond to shopper desires. They need to understand shoppers better, identify the right target markets and segments, and engage them as effectively as  possible.

Retalix 10 Customer & Marketing Suite is specifically designed to address retailers’ marketing needs.

It provides retail marketing teams a truly coherent view of customers across both physical and virtual channels, while enhancing shopper retention and spend and driving  hopping patterns to retailers’ advantage. Even better, the suite enables retailers to manage a broad range of marketing initiatives across multiple channels and touch points,  and effortlessly implement highly segmented offers.

Retalix’s Customer & Marketing Suite seamlessly integrates with in-store applications to generate detailed insight on shopper and item data and trends, and leverages this  valuable information to effectively target the right customers, all while providing rich support for shopper loyalty management and rewarding.

Customer & Marketing Suite Highlights:

  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Flexible
  • Full visibility of campaign effectiveness
  • Highly granular
  • CDM (Customer Data Management
  • Loyalty Manager
  • Promotion and Coupon Manager
  • Campaign Manager
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Personalization Center
  • Omni-channel Execution Engine

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