NCR Scanners


ncrGet ready to go beyond the bar code and see the light with the ability to improve store security, provide real-time feedback to managers, simplify cashier training, and offer streaming data with video like never before.

Join the network with a truly smarter device
With NCR’s unique Ethernet connectivity, the RealScan 79 is a smart scanner that goes where no scanner has been before - on the network.

In addition to standard point-of-sale (POS) communication, this scanner can be active and aware on the network offering you full streaming video over IP, image capture, and data metrics. Also programming is streamlined with smart cloning and configuration over Ethernet - rolling out new scanners, or updating symbologies doesn’t get any easier.

Security, we’ve got your back (and your front)
NCR’s ScanWatch feature can help increase security at the checkout by streaming live video and images in real-time while scanning. The RealScan 79 provides a foundation for visual product validation and fraud detection, future  proofing your technology investment. Streaming video over Ethernet or USB can be fully integrated with your existing store security and loss prevention solution, offering a view you’ve never had before, right where the action is.

The RealScan 79 also has you covered with key features that enable produce recognition for assisting with shortening the picklist, and greater cashier monitoring capability.

No harsh red lighting - an inviting design for performance
The NCR RealScan 79’s innovative design incorporates a bold new look full of functionality with edge-to-edge glass to maximize scanning volume for performance. First impressions count, and NCR’s PureWhite illumination creates a soft white glow which is more inviting and easier on the eyes than traditional red lighting, and also minimizes confusion that multiple red lights can cause. Perimeter ScanAdvisor lights, surrounding the vertical window, provide your cashier  with instant scan feedback and information on overall scanner health. Shopper interaction is enhanced with an optional integrated rear consumer imager, giving shoppers an intuitive way to scan their mobile phones or loyalty cards  without assistance.

We hate to boast but scan volume matters
Not only does the RealScan 79 have six-sided allimaging scan capability with aggressive top-down performance, but it boasts the largest imaging scan zone in its class. Increase performance and first pass read rates with NCR’s  PACESETTER™ technology which can count, grade, and repair problem bar codes. Interaction is also clear with ScanDoctor voice feedback, so your cashiers not only see a simple error code when there is an issue, but also hear a  friendly reassuring voice guiding them through the process.

The bottom line
The NCR RealScan 79 Bi-Optic Imager is a true game changer and demonstrates what the power of imaging can deliver. Demand more from your next scanner investment -- bar codes are only the beginning. The RealScan 79’s  features for security, vision, and Ethernet connectivity build the foundation for a strong future for your retail experience.

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