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NCR RealPOS™ Two-Sided Multifunction Printer

ncrLooking for an environmentally friendly multifunction printer that can save you time and money?

The NCR RealPOS Two-Sided Multifunction Printer is the next generation in receipt printing

The company that invented the point-of-sale receipt now takes thermal printing to the next generation with two-sided thermal (2ST®) receipt printing technology. By simultaneously printing both sides of the receipt, you improve efficiency, promote products and services within your store and deliver improved customer satisfaction.

Save time, money and trees at the front end
Use up to 45% less paper with the NCR RealPOS Two-Sided Multifunction Printer. Improve productivity with fewer printer roll changes, especially during busy peak times. In addition, save between 5-25% on your annual receipt paper investment, including freight and storage costs. A twelve-lane supermarket can potentially save 15-75 trees per year!

Promote your brand to your customers
With ample memory to store corporate logos and graphics, you’ll have an enhanced advertising vehicle that allows you to control and update your communication by transaction or by store. The three one-sided color options help draw attention to your promotions, in blue, black or red.

Deliver improved customer satisfaction and return on investment
Your customers will love the shorter, more manageable receipts instead of the long, bulky traditional receipts. In addition, NCR protects your current point-of-sale hardware investment by giving you access to the latest high-speed  thermal printer technology.

Seamless transition from your current printer
NCR designed this next-generation printer with the same footprint and functionality as the current one-sided version. In addition, upgrades are easy with multiple connection options and IBM emulation.

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