Protecting Your Business

camera softwareRetailers, both large and small, face many challenges today including protecting staff and customers while maintaining a safer environment. Loss prevention professionals are also tasked with identifying identity theft, input errors, and employee theft. Having the ability to securely integrate in transactional data at the cashier and POS systems is equally critical in quick retrieval with associated video. Operational efficiencies can be monitored by using video analytics, taking the guesswork out of verifying customer wait times, confirming manager overrides, and overall customer traffic.

3xLOGIC's name is derived from the logical management of Video, Audio and Data. Video is a critical part of that equation, yet in today’s world Audio and Data (POS interface and Analytics) are equally important. Our flagship software product is the VIGIL Video Management System. The power of the 3xLOGIC VIGIL product suites can be found in a wide range of applications because of our solution-based offerings. By providing flexibility in offering both a full IP and a true hybrid solution, the VIGIL platform allows for easy transition from analog to the IP and megapixel products. No need to completely replace an existing system. The VIGIL suite of products provides exceptional functionality and flexibility while maintaining ease of use.

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