VIGIL™ Pro Hybrid Series DVR

camera dvrThe PRO Series DVR is 3xLOGIC’s premier full featured DVR providing a wide range of capabilities including real-time hardware compression of up to 32 cameras in highresolution. The 3xLOGIC PRO Series also provides fullhybrid capabilities which allow the simultaneous recording of a wide variety of IP, Megapixel IP and analog cameras.

Designed as a modular solution, the PRO Series allows users to purchase only the capabilities required for their current needs, while scaling to a cutting-edge, integrated video management solution with full enterprise capability at any time.

3xLOGIC’s powerful built-in hardware encoding for analog cameras provides a choice of the latest MPEG4 or H.264 compression algorithms.

IP cameras can use either the native compression provided
by the camera, or choose our proprietary AZTECH™ recompression for hard drive space savings of up to 90% while maintaining visual integrity. Since all analog cameras utilize our hardware compression, there is plenty of CPU power left to handle the latest Megapixel IP video.

This full hybrid DVR allows you to get maximum use of the highest video resolution of analog cameras at a full 30 NTSC / 25 PAL fps, while recording IP video at the same time. Each channel may be configured to record analog or the latest IP camera technology at any time.

The PRO Series fully integrates with a wide variety of systems including Point-Of-Sale, ATM, Access Control, Caller-ID and nearly any other data generated at your sites. This enables robust reporting and automated notification about events of interest to a wide variety of responsible parties.

The PRO Series features many built-in capabilities including full two-way audio, easy-to-use Smart Search, video analytics including People Counting, Tripwire, and Loitering Alarm and the ability to increase its capabilities simply by upgrading the software licensing.

The PRO Series is available in four case styles to fit every application.


  • Up to 32 channels of real-time analog/IP video
  • Full hybrid technology supporting both analog and IP cameras
  • Supports latest HD and 180°/360°panoramic and immersive video formats
  • Up to 4CIF resolution with 30 NTSC / 25 PAL frameper-second recording per analog camera
  • Full hardware encoding of analog cameras in H.264 or MPEG4 formats
  • Recompression of IP video using AZTECH technology (result is approx. 1/10 of original size)
  • One audio channel for each video input
  • Up to 10TB internal storage with a variety of RAID options
  • POS database integration with most brands
  • Supports Pelco™ KBD300 and Microsoft™- compatible keyboards (both local and remote)
  • Live video display and multi-monitor support (both local and remote)

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