About 3xLogic

Finally, you can manage and monitor your multiple stores remotely and discreetly.

Remote Access from Anywhere
In our business, a lot of time is spent in what I refer to as “loss reaction” rather than “loss prevention.” To be able to respond and remotely access my stores from my office, on my laptop at home, or in a hotel for that matter, is invaluable in terms of cost savings and time efficiency. I’m not the only one that relies heavily on 3xLOGIC’s remote access capability. Our District Managers and our IT staff love it as well.
Jack Conn
Loss Prevention Manager, GasAmerica

3xLOGIC’s exclusive RapidStream™ technology and our proprietary AZTEC Transcoding Engine brings usable megapixel technology to users who never could have taken advantage before.
What that means to you? You no longer need to worry about a lack of bandwidth or having to go into the office to check on your business. You see, we go way past imagination.
Our system will compress your video and deliver to you, a crisp, clean image and deliver it to you. Whether your viewing the images using an iPad, Tablet, PC or mobile device, it won’t out smart RapidStream™
And we do that, wherever you are. Go ahead, get back to living, we’ll not only watch the store, we’ll bring it to you, quick, clean and worry free.

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